64P=19.7MB=Jared Nickerson国外插画又见高人-杂而不乱是种美德!

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Jared Nickerson

foreign illustration and expert - not arbitrarily complex is a virtue!!!

Well it's about time to release the newest installment in the Jthree Wallpack series.

This series includes:

28 Desktop Wallpapers/JPG Format/2560x1600 (widescreen)

36 Mobile Wallpapers/JPG Format/2048x2048 (optimized for the new iPad and all mobile devices)

250 Desktop Icons/Avatars/PNG Format

Wallpack consists of New, Previously Unreleased, Revisited & Limited Release illustrations.

Big thanks to all involved, for full list of contributors refer to Read Me file within the download.

Additional thanks to Filip Komorowski and all my supporters and fans.

For full legal details refer to Read Me file within the download.


All wallpapers & icons in this pack Copyright Jared K. Nickerson/Jthree Concepts 2012*BY DOWNLOADING THIS WALLPACK (JThree Wallpack 2012), you the downloader,receive a non exclusive, non transferable limited right to only use the wallpapers & iconsthat you acquire for personal use and for no other purpose.In particular you MUST NOT:(a) directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell or providethe wallpapers & icons or offer to do any of these things;(b) make the wallpapers or icons available on a website;(c) use the wallpapers or icons in a design/illustration which you are creating; or(d) incorporate the wallpapers or icons in a design/illustration which is created for resale.These restrictions apply to you whether the wallpapers or icons are being used in thecreation of a work for yourself or for someone else and where the wallpapers or icons arebeing used in the creation of a work by someone else on your behalf.YOU MAY display/show the wallpapers or icons in a desktop or mobile screenshot for demonstration purposes only or usethe icons as personal avatars or profile pictures. (credit is appreciated, but not required.)

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